• These extra heavy-duty cranes are used to transport, store, load coils in various locations in a Steel Plant.
  • Depending on the various types of finishing processes to be done to the steel plates, the coils are transported by these cranes from one process line to another.
  • Once all the processes are complete, then these coils can be either stored in the factory or in open yards.
  • These cranes are designed to work at very high speeds without compromising on safety.
  • Anti–sway devices can be provided for better control and positioning.
  • Special Drives, crane Controls and Automation features are used to provide exact accurate positioning of the crane.
  • Specially designed Rotating trolley crane, for rotating and better positioning of coils, drastically reducing production time and drastically reducing storage space.
  • Special Coil Positioning and tracking system.
  • FEDERAL ENGINEERS continuously strives to provide High Speed, Continuous Operation CRANES with the minimum down-time required for maintenance of the cranes.
  • 40 years of experience of Designing and Manufacturing Customized cranes for STEEL PLANTS.

  • Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard EOT cranes
  • Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard EOT cranes with Rotating trolley
  • Outdoor Storage yard Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard GANTRY (Goliath) cranes
  • Outdoor Storage yard, Extra Heavy Duty Non Standard Semi Gantry cranes

  • Special coil Lifting tongs
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • Anti-sway device
  • Special Drives, crane Controls and Automation features
  • Eldro type service brakes and Special Emergency brake
  • Chair Joystick Step-less Controls for smoother Positioning of crane
  • Special Heat Shields

    These cranes are specially designed to handle very high speeds, continuous operations, and heavy dust accumulation. These cranes have very high speeds, without compromising safety.

    These cranes have many safety features like heat shields, and many standard safety features like multiple overload relays, limit switches etc., double service brakes etc.

    FEDERAL ENGINEERS have developed a rotating trolley crane which can rotate for better positioning, storage of slabs. This crane drastically reducing production time and also space required for storage.

    FEDERAL ENGINEERS has 40 years of exhaustive experience in designing Open Winch type Non Standard Heavy duty cranes for Steel Plants taking into consideration high safety, high performance and very low maintenance time.

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